how to print for hp officejet pro 8020

Digital printing technology allows people to print professional-looking documents and photographs with ease. When looking to get into digital printing, whether as a career or just a hobby.

how to print for hp officejet pro 8020 ?

I’ll show you how to copy.print and scan with this printer so let’s start by making open the top lid.

how to print for hp officejet pro 8020

go to the view pane click on the copy icon and if it is the id of the document or photo you just select it accordingly and click on the document.
You can also choose one side or a two-sided copy for example have a settings icon here and once you are ready, click copy icon and it will start copying for you.

how to do printing and scanning let’s start with scanning ?

so scanning we can do a lot of pages using this top feeder tray that you can see here make sure your printer is connected to any device,
here face up like this go to your device for example I have an iphone here and the printer connects with it click on the printer scan icon click the scan button automatically It will start scanning for you.

if you want to do printing, just go to the printing part of the document in the app select what documents you have even if it’s in google drive or drop box or google photo all the smart files and just open pdf for the photo you want to print after you see it click on the print icon and it will appear the name of the printer series here click print and it will start the printing work as a whole I can say it’s very easy to use this printer you can easily do copy print and scan using wireless connectivity also using the display panel

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