How To Reset an HP Officejet Pro 8020

Printers are not indestructible machines. Over time, you may experience a few problems with your HP Officejet Pro 8020 printer. You may need to configure or reset it. While resetting your printer isn’t always the best option, if you do decide to reset this particular printer, there is a process that you can use in order to start your printer up again. Here is what you need to do.

How to Reset the Printer

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Unplug the printer from the power outlet.

3. Wait at least 60 seconds.

4. Plug the printer back into the power outlet.

5. Turn on the printer.

6. Turn off the printer.

7. Unplug the printer from the power outlet.

It is important to note that resetting your HP Officejet Pro 8020 printer will not erase all of the configuration settings.


Factory Resetting the Printer

Factory resetting the printer can help resolve some common issues. To factory reset the printer, hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Release the button and press it again.


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